Success ٍStory: How One Person Lost 40 Kilos

Success ٍStory: How One Person Lost 40 Kilos

It all started in January 2012. I was seventeen years old, and I weighed back then 120 kg of fat and junk food. Every day, I would consume from 3 to 5 cans of the good-for-nothing drink, Duo. And, my daily meals was nothing more than one of these foods:  KFC, McDonald's, rice with chicken or meat, Shawerma. And of course, this is what we all suffer from.

Several years passed and I was still living this way, and my time was wasted sitting by the computer and other high-tech gadgets that stole my time and my mind until movement became non-existent in my life. And in my last year in high school, I had entered a constant fight between myself and my condition until I became sick of myself. I finally made the right decision to start a trip in dieting and exercise on a daily basis. So, I set myself a goal that I will not back away from.

There was no one who could guide me to the right path to the diet trip. So I started depriving myself from the majority of food and this was a big mistake done to myself and my body. All that I had in my mind was to get rid of the excess fat in my body, so, no day passes without me completing 45 minutes or more of exercise.

I suffered a lot on this trip, I had difficulties and problems when going out with friends, depriving myself from eating. So I decided to stay away from my friends a little and stick to my schedule until that decision becomes something usual that I won't give up on.

There were two of my friends who suffered from the same problem, namely, weight gain and accumulation of harmful fat. I persuaded them to start to do fitness exercises and to go on a diet. I received a positive response from them and we became like one hand, together. We would support and encourage each other, and we would also practice our exercises together. Finally, each of one us arrived to his goal, we achieved the ideal weight. I was able to stop drinking such huge quantities of soda, rather, I would have organic beverages. My eating style became roast and boiled after it was all fast food.

In my old days, I was one of those football followers who don't play the real game only when it's sport's class. Now, I am one of the lovers of the real thing.

I follow and practice it daily, sometimes twice a day.

I reached my goal, my body became healthy, free of diseases. I got a size six waist. I literally changed my lifestyle, and my eating style, for the better.

To this date, I am still holding onto the exercise and the healthy diet. And every time I put myself a goal, I achieve it, All Praise Is Due To Allah.

All Praise is Due To Allah and then Mom and Dad for their continuous support.

# My advice:

To all who suffer from being overweight: Take another closer look at your own lives. Fill it with healthy choices, energy and fitness exercises. This will give you hope, optimism and happiness in your lives. And I wish everyone a healthy life.

# A saying that I trust:

People don't get to the garden of success without passing by the stations of fatigue failure and despair. But the one with strong determination doesn't stay standing for long in those stations.

The Most Famous Artists Height Weight Body Statistics


Way to maintain ideal weight Like Famous Artists

- We must continuously monitoring the weight so as not to increase our weight without feel it and  measuring the weight must be at a specific date each week and be in the same clothes .

- Try to replace dinner by salade or green fruit and  this meal shouldn't be in a late time.

- Maintaining eat three meals a day and we do not delete any meal .

- drinking water before any meal , because the water is very useful .

- Duration ranging between each meal and the other must not be less than 5 hours.

- Striving to exercise on a daily basis and that the practice of exercices we love so as not to feel bored .

- When you eat juices we must move away from the addition of sugar and we can replace sugar Dietmen Sweet .

- You must stay away from fried foods and fatty dishes that contain high levels of fat .

- Make your kitchen is always full of  balanced foods  such as fruits , vegetables and skim milk so you do not have to eat unhealthy foods and creamy .

- Replacing meat eating by fish may have significant benefits for your body , as it also contains fewer calories .

- Eat more fiber to stimulate metabolism and disposal of sediments body and you'll find fiber in fresh vegetables.

- Be sure to deliberately mixing foods are not any set you up with carbohydrates or protein that mixes meat with eggs , be sure to eat all the food alone .

- If you feel your need to try the desserts that are taking it after a meal in three hours , and dealing with a small amount until you have been digesting the meal well

- Be sure to know the amount of calories in each meal so as not to deal with more calories than you need so they will never stay in your body and turn them to a fat with the knowledge that the nature of the man's body is found to need more calories than women and teens need more calories than Mrs .

- Be sure to avoid ketchup and sauces because they contain saturated oils may expose you to an increase in weight .

- Stay away from the TV or use the computer when you eat goes on in so as not to eat without feeling it.

- Trying to drink a cup of skim milk during the main meal , the study found confirm that the calcium content of milk in the cup sticks with fatty substances found in food helps the body get rid of excess fat and remove them out of the body with waste .

- Replace coffee cup by green tea can accelerate the fat burning process .

Know the keys to control your weight

keys to control your weight

To know how to control your weight is by taking control of your internal and external power, which means food versus moving.

When you consume lot of calories your weight will increase, but when you consume what your body needs, there will be no problem at all.

Exercising is doing a good job to increase powers that come out of our body, and this way it consume fats.
Many Studies is telling us that exercising doesn't boost metabolism during the exercising time only, but after that for a long while, so this will allow burning more calories, including anything you eat after the exercises.

How many calories do you need:
Man: age x 24 = calories
Woman: age x 23 = calories

2.2 pound = 7700 calories, if your body need 1600 and you eat 1200 and you burn 400 calories with exercising, so you are going to loose 2.2 pound every week.

So count your calories and plan how to loose your weight, in general you can take over your appetite by changing habits and having healthy meals like legumes, fruits and less carbohydrate, and keep your metabolism and practice sports to preserve your fat burning rate, and eat slowly with chewing well to not eat too much.

Do you follow a diet and it doesn't give you results?

diet and it doesn't give you results

Do you follow a diet and it doesn't give you results? So Boost your Metabolism
Metabolism is chemical processes that transform food into power that our body use to survive.
Everyone has his own level of metabolism, it differ from one to another because of age, weight, sex and his activity level, its reduction may cause some health problem like obesity and diabetes.

There many ways to boost metabolism to enjoy health weight.

1 - Have breakfast

It's very important to have breakfast when you wake up, not delay it or skipping it, so your body will start the fat burning process.

2 - Drink Water

Your body consists 70% of water, if it decreases your body will not work properly and your brain suffer less activity to send orders to deal with foods.

3 - Practice sports regularly

Practicing sports will boost fat burning and will increase metabolism by disposing offal and increasing muscles building.

4 - Have enough protein

Protein can boost your metabolism, because it needs it as a power to burn more.

5 - Have a cup of coffee

Drinking a cup of coffee or tea is able to boost your metabolism by stimulating the nervous system.

6 - Have a snack each 3 hours

Having a snack every 3 hours will keep metabolism.

7 - Have a portion of low-fat milk

Many studies proved that calcium and protein are able to boost metabolism, fat burning and muscle building.

8 - Add some Spices

Having some spices in your food, especially pepper will boost metabolism up to 20%.

9 - Improve your Thyroid functionality

The indolence of Thyroid will prevent its Hormone secretion that helps digest foods, and to stimulate it eat fish and Iodine-rich seafood.

What are the secret of an ideal weight

secret of an ideal weight

If you are happy with you weight, you might get worried about how to keep it and not get extra weight again, so How can you manage your weight successfully?

Keeping your weight at specific level is more difficult than weight-loss process, because it requires to watch it for the rest of your life. One of the biggest mistakes that someone who win the battle against weight is the feeling of deprivation, so they begin to eat out of control and they gain weight again.

What is the secret to keep my weight?

Count new calories that match your new exercising activity to keep your weight stable not to reduce it.
It's very important to plan your meals for the whole day, and know what you will eat to avoid the increase / decrease of calories, so your diet won't spoil.

Do not stop exercising, that will keep your weight stable and helps you burn extra calories you gain.
Eat what you want, but let some calories for low-fat milks, meat, fruits, and fresh legumes, to enjoy your weight stability.

Balance your meals, don't eat tow meals with high calories during the same day, and have the most calories in mornings more than evenings, because the burning process of calories decreases in evening.
Watch your weight every week, so you won't loose control and find it difficult to get your preferred weight back.

Always read informations and instruction written in nutritional products, and check how many calories they have.
After you get the weight you want, increase the amount of calories if your weight keeps decreasing, if it is stable, don't add nothing.

Having breakfast is very important to preserve your weight, because it keeps the burning rate and make you burn more calories in the evenings.

Remember that your return to the bad habits that made you overweight, will get you back the extra weight you tried hard to loose, keep away from these habits and follow a healthy diet and continue for the rest of your life.