12 kinds of weight loss diet food

diet food

A variety of different foods containing calories, how to both enjoy so many delicious foods, but also play a role in weight loss? In the end what the food is weight loss diet food ? Today, teach you to eat healthy, lean health.


Common weight loss diet food

1- Laver

In addition to very rich seaweed containing vitamins A, B1 and B2, also helps to drain away the waste and the accumulation of moisture inside the body, is an integral part of the weight loss diets.


2- Sesame

Sesame seeds in the rich in oleic acid can accelerate the release of cholesterol within the blood vessels attached, low-calorie diet can be appropriate to use it.


3- Banana

Bananas contain very high calories, but little fat, but rich in potassium, can be another full stomach fat can reduce the accumulation of fat in the lower body, is the ideal time to lose weight weight loss food.


4- Apple

Apples contain malic acid, can increase metabolism and reduce lower body fat, suitable for rapid weight loss and vegetarian diet to lose weight.


5- Red Beans

Red beans are acid-containing soda can increase bowel movements, promote urination and reduce constipation, clear lower body fat, low-fat diet necessary.


6- Eggs

Vitamin B2 inside the eggs will help to remove fat, it contains of niacin and vitamin B12 can remove the lower body of fat is that all essential to weight loss diet supplement protein diet food.


7- Grapefruit

Grapefruit calories low, do not eat fat, but also rich in potassium will help to reduce lower body fat and water accumulation, to lose weight calories a friend if using control methods, it is very important.


8- Konjac

Contains the main ingredients in grape mannan, containing a large number of dietary fiber, was alkaline, after absorbing water volume can be expanded 100-fold viscosity. Can promote the secretion of intestinal enzymes to enhance the enzyme activity on the elimination of intestinal secretions, a strong high-fiber foods.


9- Onions

Marked lipid-lowering and enhance fibrinolysis activity role. In addition to prostaglandin A1, a function of lowering blood pressure can build up their strength to help break down toxins, lose weight to promote blood circulation and so on.


10- White Radish

Radish contains a lot of vitamins, arginine, choline and enzymes, very beneficial to health. Can be used for food plot puffiness, reduce calorie intake, urination thirst quencher and so on.


11- Kelp

Kelp is rich in iodine and other trace elements and inorganic salts, has anti-cancer effects, but also can promote the metabolism. Kelp can be lipid-lowering diet, to one of the beauty of food.


12- Celery

Is rich in salts and trace elements, a large number of crude fiber and vitamins and so on.
In addition, some with a pungent smell of food also have slimming effects, such as tea and coffee, pepper, garlic, etc.

These diet foods are more common, and it is an important component of weight loss diet, as the need to lose weight and friends, as long as the usual attention to dietary intake over time to look at, they will receive a very good weight loss results!

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  1. Which would be the better break fast for weight loss?
    Smoothie and an boiled egg or cereal (cherrieos and skim milk) and a banana. the smootie has half a cup of nonfat yogurt, half cup of pinapple and half a banana with a fourth cup of OJ. ‘
    BTW im vegetarian, so i need protien.

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