3 important ways to lose weight


1-Eat fat to overcome fat

Following a specific diet to lose weight and including some foods that have appropriate amounts of fats in your diet will contribute in the success of your diet, since there are fats that are good for your body, like the fats found in olive oil, unsaturated fatty acids, fats that are contained in nuts, and fats contained in Avocadoes. These healthy fats contribute in burning of belly fat.

We can also find healthy fats in seafood such as fish, fish oil, and grains, in addition to healthy food that does not contain harmful fat.


2-Eating cocoa to burn waist fat:

Cocoa contains many more antioxidants compared to other foods, and this is a positive attribute which makes it very useful for losing weight if consumed moderately. It’s true that sugars and candy are not welcomed when following a diet for losing weight, but you can eat sugar-free cocoa chunks, in addition to cocoa powder, with the possibility of mixing it with healthy juices or any healthy food you consume while following a diet, since putting cocoa in your food during your diet will reduce your cravings to sugars specially if you used to consume a lot of sugars before following your weight losing diet. And so, cocoa can contribute in burning of waist fat, and belly fat.


3-Never eat late at night:

Eating late at night will affect the diet you are following significantly; you might exercise in the evening then eat late, and it is not good to expose yourself to this habit since is harmful for your diet, so try eating a healthy meal an hour before your evening exercises.


4-Do not exaggerate your target when following a diet system:

Since it needs to patience and commitment to lose weight, so if you do not stick to your nutritional and working out program-running, cycling, etc-you will not get satisfying results, you might feed disappointed and that might lead to anger and giving up which leads to you following your old eating pattern. Some might even go further than that and harm their body more as a way of taking revenge from themselves, and that is by eating recklessly and ruining everything they worked for during their diet. So, you should commit to a small target for a short period of time, to achieve the bigger goal, while being patient and not rushing the results.

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