5 habits that contribute in weight gain

Eating because of being emotional

A recent study discovered that people who eat while being emotional usually become fat and overweight, and this should be avoided by adapting habits that rids them of their frustration. You can go for a walk, or chew a gum, or let things out to your friends, all these can be used to avoid eating while being tensed to get relief and stop increment of your weight.


Eating late at night:

Our bodies burn some calories while we’re sleeping, but that does not apply to people who eat late at night, a study was conducted on reasons of obesity and it studies the sleeping and eating patterns of individuals, it found out that whoever ate after 8pm had more calories accumulated in their body and had more body mass index (BMI).


Not keeping a track of what you eat:

If you were concerned about observing the increase in your weight, then you will have to keep a notebook containing a list of the food you eat, since this step is necessary for people trying to observe their weight.


Poor preparation:

Success is a result of preparation, hard work, learning from your mistakes, and in order to be ready, you will have to think ahead about your weight, buy healthy foods and put them in your house, workplace, etc. Healthy foods are compulsory such as whole grains, fresh fruits, non-starchy vegetables, healthy fats. If you are planning to eat outside, try to stick to healthy food and choose a clean suitable restaurant that provides healthy food.


Drinking high-calorie containing drinks:

Fruit juice, sodas, and sport drinks are considered as an extra source of calories that you do not need, these drinks can increase your blood pressure so you better replace them with water, tea, coffee (sugarless). These three drinks are the best option compared to the other drinks that contain a high content of calories. While in summer, we feel thirsty a lot and our options are increased so try as much as possible to avoid drinks with a high calorie content to avoid its effects on increasing your weight, specially soda, if you were trying to get rid of your belly fat.

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