Advices to lose weight without hard effort – weight loss tips that work

1- One of the most reasons to enjoy nice life and go in the journey of losing weight is that you do is being Deprived of any certain type of food, but you are advised to eat what you want  with low amounts only and may be that you taste it , so you are not deprived  from it.


2- Do not eat until you feel very hungry, you can eat at certain times, certain amounts of foods. do not put in front of yourself large amount of food , because that helps in developing feeling of being hungry and makes you eat big amounts of foods which means more calories that enter your body and consequently the fat accumulate in your body.


3- When preparing the food, make it important to prepare one plate of salad which has good amounts from vegetables, because that will help you feel enough and it doesn’t harm the fitness.


4- If you are out and away from home and have to eat , make sure that you order small amounts of food whatever its type , because when man outside his home , he  may eat large amount of food without feeling that he did.


5- Canned things are one of the dangerous foods and have the most harm on your health. If you are cannot deprive canned foods like chips and sweats, and then make sure that you eat small amounts that do not harm your health.


6- When you start to eat food try to start eating plate of salad and ten after that start eating the rest of the food, but you will feel that you cannot eat much because salad helps in feeling satisfied.


7- Try not to eat bread at breakfast as that will help in losing weight without feeling.


8- When you eat foods at any restaurant make sure that you do not eat all the offered food because mostly it is more than what your body needs.


9- When you feel thirst you may feel hungry too but that is not true, just your body needs to be wet and that is why the experts advises that we should drink more than nine cups of water daily.


10- One of the biggest mistakes is that a banding the body from food for long time at day time because of claiming that this is regimen, that is a mistake. Because that makes you eat large amount of food at night and consequently get weight and here we advise that you eat small amount of foods at different times of the day.


11- Avoid eating large amount of foods when setting in front of the TV because that setting makes you feel hungry and here you can eat some fruits.


12- As much as possible try to do efforts daily like going to work or any walking or you can practice sports in gyms and that is better.


13- Stop eating any meal after dinner or sleeping directly after dinner.

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