Aerobics and foods that help burn fat fast

Aerobics and lifting weights: Discover the truth

We often hear that the only aerobics such as walking, jogging, or cycling … Burn calories and fat, while lifting weights exercises builds muscle only and thus it doesn’t burn calories.The truth is that lifting weights, which lasts for 45 minutes and cut off by several stretching repetitions, helps the body to burn large amounts of calories and fat, especially in women, and, at the same time, helps builds muscle, but not in the masculine sense or form as you’d imagine. Did you know that every kg of muscle burns 50 extra calories a day when you’re lying down?

There are, also, some foods that help lose weight, as substitutes for slimming drugs, that help give the feeling of indulgence and help to halt the appetite. There are also foods that help burn fat as alternatives for slimming drugs that also help to burn fat. Please note that these foods are not able, alone, to help lose excess weight. Instead, you should combine it with a diet low in calories and exercise regularly.
Eggplant burn fat because of its fibers which contain pectin, which plays a role in burning of natural fat in the digestive system. Then comes spinach which contains a compound that increases the consumption of sugar in the body and reduces its body-storage. Yellow, red and green pepper, carrots, apples, as well as cabbage are rich in vitamin C and sugar-burning enzymes. Tuna, white vinegar, white chicken, turkey, berries, celery leaves, all contain vitamin C and B. And, finally, cinnamon.

Lemon, especially its juice, lowers the amount of sugar in the blood by 30%. Eat a lemon with its skin on an empty stomach or add lemon and thyme to meals. Boiled cabbage; drink 2-3 times or add the cabbage to salads.

Eat big salad dishes before meals and grated carrots before meals. Have beetroot, raw or boiled, between meals and parsley after meals


Green Tea:

Green Tea is the best choice because not only does it calms you down, but also because it prevents cancer, and many other diseases. It also stimulates metabolism.Experts say that drinking five cups of green tea can help burn 70 to 80 calories a day.That ‘s not bad!



Eat a cup of yogurt a day, its one of those magical things that burn fat. And surprisingly, it also prevents its accumulation. The secret is due to the high proportion of calcium that it contains. However, you should choose skim yogurt, in which the proportion of calcium is higher than in full-fat yogurt


Cinnamon and ginger

They are two strong stimulant s to burn body fat. They are preferably taken together by adding half a teaspoon of each of them in a cup of water and letting the mixture boil once, or using it as a spice to be placed on food.



Give up on a glass of water and it will be difficult for you to lose weight. Drought slows down your metabolism, and can lead to a craving for sugars and fatigue.Experts recommend drinking 8 cups of warm water a day.

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