Basic tips to get a healthy body

We will try to observe some basics that will put you in the right path in order to lose your weight, and to maintain what you achieved without ruining it, and this is the most important.
Healthy nutrition

Many times we tend to exercise vigorously to achieve our goal, but we do not change our eating habits, even our society contributes in enforcing a heavy meal on us every now and then that has a negative effect on we want to achieve. So, you need healthy nutrition. You have to rely basically on fresh vegetables and fruits and make them 80% of your daily diet, the rest 20% can be left for red meat, dairy products, starchy foods (sugary products, bread, pies, cake made with white flour) , which means that you will start consuming less meat and will consume more vegetables and fruits.

There are many substitutes to the foods you’ll consume less, for example red meat can be substituted with white meat such as chicken (without skin) and fish. There are also substitutes for products that are baked with white flour and starch, such as low calorie biscuits, almonds and oat. Decreasing the consumption of high calorie foods will make your body lack calories and will make it burn the accumulated fat (in the belly for example) and hence reduce your body weight and get rid of unnecessary fat.



Exercising for twenty to thirty minutes before meals will aid metabolism in your body, hence burning more calories and working more efficiently all day. If you exercise three times daily, your body will burn fat and calories you do not need all day, even in your sleep, leading to burning fat in your body continuously.
If you couldn’t exercise three times daily for any reason-even though most experts in physique and nutrition believe it is possible and recommended-you can exercise once a day for 30-45 minutes. It is preferred that you exercise in the morning, to initiate the metabolism in your body and keep it going for the rest of the day in its maximum levels.

By exercising, we do not mean going to the gym or working very hard in a heavy sport, but running, walking, swimming are enough, the aim of all this is to make your body active to burn the stored energy.

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