Best Fat Burning Exercises

Exercises to lose weight: You do not need to do severe exhausting aerobics exercises,) it is just a myth, unfortunately, believed by a lot of people. All you need from exercise during your diet, which will be mentioned later, is two daily periods of exercise of just half an hour.

You could do brisk walking or even ride a bike. I personally prefer a brisk walk. Do it, but not to the extent that it becomes difficult. It has to be moderate and should slightly raise your pulse rate. And, if you begin to breath with difficulty and you feel that your pulse rate rose too much, your body will start to burn carbohydrates and muscle cells instead of fat cells. This is an important point that everyone should understand.

This means that our walking speed should be reasonable and we should be breathing naturally, not fast. So, don’t exaggerate with your fitness level, thinking that this is the best way and it will burn more fat. This is not true; it will burn muscle and carbohydrates, but fat will remain in the body. And, in fact, this is what happens when those who follow a starve-yourself diet, they are only burning muscle cells and some other body cells, but fat remain as is. Our goal here is to burn fat and not muscles or any of the other organs of the body.

You should follow the instructions of this exercise in detail to achieve a maximum benefit. And, when I say exercise on two shifts per day for half an hour I mean it. You should not relent in it for any reason. Two shifts means two. Do not increase or decrease the half hour period.
There’s no need to exaggerate. You would not believe the amount of fat you’d burn by following these instructions. We also advise you not to buy or use what is “as seen on TV” devices that claim to burn fat and otherwise.


All you need to burn fat is to speed up metabolism, as mentioned previously. This stimulates the body to burn fat so it can use it for energy, by following the mentioned diet and the exercise described here in this article. And we would like to clarify an important point for everyone; that you can not, in any way, choose a particular location of the body to burn fat. Those who claim it are lying on you. The body burns fat from the last place he stored it in. For example, if the body has stored fat in the buttocks area, then he will begin to burn those fats.

And, if he stored it in the waist after the buttocks, he will burn fat from the waist after burning it from the buttocks, and so on, in that order.You should know that the storage of fat is by The Power of Allah, The Almighty, and do not listen to those who claim otherwise. There’s no such thing as exercises that focuses on a certain part of the body, you need to understand this point.


List of healthy foods

I recommend eating the following foods because of the health benefit for the body to burn fat: plain wheat bread, tomatoes, mix of vegetables, cabbage, beets, mushrooms, plain bread, onions, apples, lettuce, oatmeal, radishes, pears, oranges , peaches, plums, kale, broccoli, green peppers, skim milk, fat-free cottage cheese, zucchini, pasta – never mind taking it with a little tomato sauce -, eggplant, most types of cereals and beans, spinach, pumpkins, artichokes , chicken breast without the skin, tender turkey, and any kind of sliced ​​tender meat, egg whites, fat-free cheese.

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