3 Cardio Strength Training Workout Routines

Strength Training

Cardio exercises, combined with strength training, are considered to be an integral part of a comprehensive workout routine. Apart from obviously increasing one’s strength, this type of training is also the best because it includes a workout regimen that includes the heart and lungs, which increases heartbeat and breathing. Moreover, this also burns fat and carbohydrates from the body and makes one shape up in no time. For this type of training exercise, these three tried-and-tested cardio workouts will surely come in handy for you:


The first cardio workout routine is the Squat Jumps

This routine is unique because apart from your own body weight, it does not require much resistance from anywhere else. This type of exercise brings about the SSR or the Stretch Shortening Response, which happens when short and continuous bursts of muscular contraction is achieved. This exercise is executed when you stand at shoulder width, and you continuously squat down and bend at your hips. As you go back from squatting, you may want to swing your arms way back, as you again do some squatting. And then you can swing your arms as you extend at your ankles, knees, and hips.


When you performing squatting jumps, there should be enough force exerted so you can elevate your body off the ground, which will also improve your vertical jump if you are looking for how to jump higher in basketball. This drill can also be done with the aid of kettlebells or dumbells, and is a whole body workout that will strengthen your heart and your muscles.


Second is the Kettlebells Swings routine

This workout routine is done by swinging a kettlebell from your legs up to the height of your chest area. This method is especially recommended by personal trainers because it greatly enhances your muscular and cardiovascular fitness. Through this simple method, you are guaranteed to be working on so many muscles in your body, because the swinging bell inevitably affects your shoulders, hips, glutes, and hamstrings. A 25 to 30 repetition of this exercise can surely get your heart pumping the right way.


The third and last cardio strength routine is Squat Thrust Calisthenics

From all three examples, this is the most physically exhausting as it involves a complete body workout experience. This routine requires you to stand on your feet at your shoulder’s width, and then you crouch in order to put your hands on the ground. You then need to extend into a push up position by kicking your feet in the area behind you. After you do this, you would need to kick your feet back up in order to stand up again. Repeat this procedure for 20 to 30 reps, and guaranteed results are in your future.

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