5 Tips To Control How Much You Eat

It becomes very difficult to respect the amount of food we should consume because of its abundance, also food competitions, saving meals, and food with free extra 30% make it much more difficult to control, So you decided to fight back and take control of it?! Great! this a good step to manage your weight and it will make you feel better, and to achieve your goal, here are some tips to follow:



when you are home take all your measurement tools and scale the amount of food that you will eat, you won’t do this every time, it’s only a good start, do you know how a cup of rise looks like when you put it in your dish? try to remember the amount of food you eat, so you won’t too much when you are out.


2 – Use small dishes:

Our eyes are bigger than stomach, in a study a group of tried to put the same amount of ice-cream in tow dishes of different size, and it was over with a big quantity of ice-cream in the big dish, to overcome this issue we need to use small dishes (9 inches width) and tall & slim cups. let the big dishes for non creamy soup, salads and fruits, and use the small ones for ice-cream, nuts and creamy soup.


3 – Deal with Restaurants smartly

If you are going to restaurants you will face many challenges on how much you are gong to eat. it’s not only the ambiance will push you to eat more, but also the quantity of food they provide, and it can suffice 2 or 3 persons needs. Take control of how much you eat, share it with some one, or take half of it home and have it later.


4 – Get rid of the bag

Don’t eat from the bag directly and put your food in a dish instead, especially when you are doing something distracting like watching TV, even if you are willing to eat just a little, it ‘s very easy to loose control and you will end with half of the bag eaten.

To avoid this problem try to split the amount of food into many bags when you buy it, so you will eat less.


5 – Be aware with whom you are with

If you are living with people who like to eat very much, that won’t help you.

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