Do you follow a diet and it doesn’t give you results?


Do you follow a diet and it doesn’t give you results? So Boost your Metabolism

Metabolism is chemical processes that transform food into power that our body use to survive.

Everyone has his own level of metabolism, it differ from one to another because of age, weight, sex and his activity level, its reduction may cause some health problem like obesity and diabetes.


There many ways to boost metabolism to enjoy health weight

1 – Have breakfast

It’s very important to have breakfast when you wake up, not delay it or skipping it, so your body will start the fat burning process.


2 – Drink Water

Your body consists 70% of water, if it decreases your body will not work properly and your brain suffer less activity to send orders to deal with foods.


3 – Practice sports regularly

Practicing sports will boost fat burning and will increase metabolism by disposing offal and increasing muscles building.


4 – Have enough protein

Protein can boost your metabolism, because it needs it as a power to burn more.


5 – Have a cup of coffee

Drinking a cup of coffee or tea is able to boost your metabolism by stimulating the nervous system.



6 – Have a snack each 3 hours

Having a snack every 3 hours will keep metabolism.


7 – Have a portion of low-fat milk

Many studies proved that calcium and protein are able to boost metabolism, fat burning and muscle building.


8 – Add some Spices

Having some spices in your food, especially pepper will boost metabolism up to 20%.


9 – Improve your Thyroid functionality

The indolence of Thyroid will prevent its Hormone secretion that helps digest foods, and to stimulate it eat fish and Iodine-rich seafood.

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