Drinks help burn fat well

burn fat

These drinks are working to dissolve the fat from your body in a healthy way and it will not harm your body and the best of these drinks are:

1 . Ginger, green tea, cumin and mint They are the most effective drinks in dissolving body accumulated fats, they can be prepared by soaking small hanging from each one of these herbs (powdered or fresh) in a cup of boiling water, and then you should take this drink 3 times a day after filtering, and you can sweeten this drink using natural honey.

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green tea


2 . Vegetable juices are the second most effective burning fat beverage; it could be taken as vegetable juice or vegetable soup before a meal, so that it works to reduce the calories in the body by about 135 calories.


3 . The calcium that are found in skim milk working on breaking down fat dramatically, and for the people who are used to drink skim milk, this good habit which will improve the fat burning up to 70%.


4 . The scientific studies and research about herbs proven that drinking one cup of boiled green tea every day for a week, is enough to burn off the accumulated and excess fat in the human body by 35% – 45%. Moreover, drinking 10 cups of chilled water a day will burn 250 up to 500 calories.


5 . Many of health experts advise people to drink two cups of boiled lemon with orange every day, in addition to drink kiwi and pineapple juice every day for two weeks, and this will help you lose weight significantly if you committed to a healthy diet regime.


Important notes


Does green tea actually dissolve the fat?

Yes, it does. The green tea contains caffeine (a substance also found in coffee) and polyphenols that help your body to burn fat. So you have at least to drink cup of green tea a day … Without sugar, of course.


Does pineapple have role in dissolving fat?

The pineapple fruit is very rich in fiber, so they give a sense of satiety. But to take the full advantage of the pineapple characteristics as fat burner, it must be consumed with it neck because pineapple neck rich with Bromelain which helps to burn calories. This is in addition to the fact that the pineapple fruit is rich with numerous benefits; it is also consumed as part of a low calorie diet.


Does eggplant work on fat absorption?

The eggplant is one of the few vegetables that have low nutritional values; it works in our bodies to absorb fat because of pectin that goes into eggplant components. This is in addition to the characteristics of eggplant as antioxidants agent.

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