Exercise in the Morning


While all weight loss experts agree that the key to losing weight is to exercise and control your diet, exercising in the morning may be more beneficial than exercising at other times of the day. As you count calories and limit intake of certain foods, it is critical to also get as much physical activity as possible.


Start Your Day Off Right

When you start off your day with physical exercise, you are much more likely to fit it into your day. The reality is that if you leave exercising for later in the day, other things will often take precedence, so that you are much less likely to actually do it.

For many people morning is when their energy level is at its peak. This means that workouts will be longer and more intense than they would be later in the day. As energy levels drop, so does the willpower to make yourself do necessary exercise.


Regularity and Exercising

By creating a set schedule of four or more mornings a week of physical activity, you will likely be more successful in maintaining the regularity that is necessary for exercising to produce the benefits you are seeking. A sporadic exercise schedule that never totals the suggested minimum of 4 times a week is of little benefit to the serious weight loss enthusiast.

If you want to lose weight, regular exercise no less than four times a week is necessary.


Morning Exercise Helps You Sleep

Morning exercise is very helpful in keeping your body’s internal clock on schedule. Those who exercise late in the day, especially in the evening, are much more likely to have problems sleeping. According to the American Council on Exercise, studies have shown that consistent morning exercisers sleep better than those who exercise on a less frequent basis.

In turn when you are less rested, you are more likely to overeat. The hormones that help to control your appetite are more balanced when you sleep well. Therefore morning exercising helps your overall effort to diet in order to lose weight.

Take the time to create a morning exercise schedule that you stick to. Even if it is not an intense routine, regular exercise will help you drop the weight you need to drop in order to be as healthy as possible.

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