Top Foods for Creating a Fat Burning Diet

fat burning

When trying to lose weight, one of the easiest ways to achieve faster more satisfying results is to incorporate fat burning foods into your diet. These foods have the potential to boost the body’s natural metabolic rate when consumed. These foods are the top foods for creating a fat burning diet.


Low fat dairy

Low fat dairy items are rich in calcium making them a top food for creating a fat burning diet. Calcium helps burn fat both quickly and effectively.


Negative calorie foods

Foods that contain less caloric value than those needed to digest them are considered “negative calorie foods”. Due to the fact that you are burning calories just by consuming these, negative calorie foods are definitely some of the top foods for creating a fat burning diet. Foods considered to be of a negative calorie value include apples, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, and onions.


Turn up the heat

Certain spices actually help ignite the metabolism allowing the body to burn more fat. When creating a fat burning diet, look to ginger and cayenne (or any other hot pepper) to add flavor and increase your metabolism.



Fiber can be found in many forms ranging from cereals and breads to nuts and vegetables. Consuming adequate amounts of fiber throughout your day when creating a fat burning diet is crucial to your success. Fiber not only helps you feel fuller longer which allows you to consume fewer calories daily, it aids digestion. When consumed on a regular basis, fiber traps food and rushes it out of the digestive track cleaning as it goes. Additionally, fiber helps maintain low cholesterol levels helping to make your fat burning diet heart healthy as well.


Omega 3

Whether you choose to consume Omega 3 through fish sources like salmon or tuna, or by vegetarian means (flax seed, walnuts, or pine nuts) Omega 3 helps your body burn fat. When creating a fat burning diet, these proteins will help maintain and grow muscle growth which is key to unlocking your fat burning potential.



When creating a fat burning diet, nothing compliments or enhances your efforts more than tea. While we are all aware of the benefits of green tea, dieters looking to burn fat as well as lose weight can achieve better results with other varietals. Teas such as Oolong and Pu-her actually stop the body from absorbing fat, encourage the body to use stored fat for energy, and help maintain blood sugar stability.


If you are looking to do more than lose weight, these foods can super charge your dieting efforts. These top foods for creating a fat burning diet can enhance the metabolism and boost energy levels. As with any other diet plan, your results will be enhanced by including an exercise routine as well.

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