Golden Tips to burn fat fast

The first tip: Give yourself a sufficient amount of sleep, which is equivalent to 6-8 hours, including at least 6 hours at night, because studies have proved that insomnia and lack of hours of sleep lead to a decline in the rate of burning sugars and fats, as well as increasing the number of hours of sleep more than 8 hours lead to the same negative result.


The second tip:

You should be psychologically stable, because the bad and volatile mood, such as depression and stress, lead to a decline in the rate of burning fat, in contrast the stable psychologically lead to increased metabolism. there is linkage between sport and mood, because the sport let body produce a substance “Endorphin” which it is a narcotic natural substance that does not lead to sleep but lead to relaxation and extraversion, which is reflected in better rate of burning sugars and fats .


The Forth tip – water:

when talking about slimming, simply the water is the most important food in this process, and when you apply the diet or slimming program that we will mention later you should drink at least 12 cups of water a day and this is a very important point in diet program, and you should not follow the old ideas which says that the water is stored in our body. The body will store water in case of you do not drink water because the body will try to protect you from dehydration, if the body found adequate amounts of water, the body will not store water which will increase your weight. Drinking water not only make the body rid of excess water, it is also let the body absorb the food which enhance the diet program. That mean you should drink 12 cups of water.


The Fifth tip – Insulin is your arch enemy

If you are overweight or fleshy, your body produces too much of insulin after each meal, insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas after every meal. Think of insulin as any medicine that can make you fit and good looking or can make you very fat and harms your health, believe me, insulin has the ability to do all of this, We do not need any drugs from pharmacies to take down your weight because insulin is stronger than any medicine for this purpose which it is inside our body, but we need to learn to control insulin only. To lose more weight, we have to try to control insulin and to try excreted the least amount of insulin after every meal.

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