Harmful of excess fat in the abdomen

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Fat in the abdominal region have many harmful that people don’t know about it like it may lead to infertility in women. even fat may accumulate in many parts in the body like hips and buttocks , but the fat in the abdominal region considered the dangerous type because it leads to cardiac diseases , diabetes , hypertension and finally high lipid levels and cholesterol in the blood. Scientists consider that getting more width may be indicator of getting future diseases.

Cholecystitis is also one of the health issues and people who do have fat in the abdominal region are more susceptible to this type of diseases. People who have abdominal fat , they have high levels of estrogen hormone which also leads to increase in the blood cholesterol level and consequence it deposit on the wall of the gallbladder which leads to its inflammation and then gall bladder stones.

Fat may be accumulated in another region in the body like chest or below the diaphragm and that leads to antagonizing the work of the lungs which leads to low air flow to the lungs and low ventilation.
For women it may be more serious as getting more fat may accumulate around the fallopian tube and the ovaries and make negative effect in their functions.

Fat in the abdominal region may be due to genetic or behavior habits like eating excess fat and food rich in calories and without making any effort or practicing sports and that leads to lowering the fat burning in the body and subsequent leads to colon diseases.

Excess smoking and eating fast without chewing , eating fast foods in the middle of the day accompanied with low movement and activity specially eating then sleeping directly is one of the most danger things that leads to more fat in the abdominal region.

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