Healthy diet for a child suffering from obesity

Now it is time to present a model can be applied as a diet which can help children that suffer from overweight or obesity to lose unwanted weight. This diet is made of five meals a day so that the child does not feel hungry. The diet contain good amount of nutrition, so the growth of health and level of academic and educational performance of the child is not affected. The diet seriously considers that fat that a child usually needs nutrients more than anyone else and makes sure such nutrients are included in the diet. Therefore the child grows normally, but consuming the least amount of calories, and unwanted fat.


First: Breakfast meal

Cornflakes dish + cup low-fat milk (with a spoon of honey instead of natural sugar) + few grapes.
At the school.
Turkish sandwich, which is made of two slices of toast inside them (slice chicken Turkish + slice cheese + sliced ​​tomatoes + cucumbers and lettuce) + a glass of orange juice.
Third: lunch meal
Grilled chicken breast + grilled potatoes instead of fried potatoes which contains many calories
Fourth: snack between lunch and dinner.
A glass of juice, bananas and strawberries with low-fat milk, and one banana and five kernels of strawberries. You also can add 3 pieces of wheat biscuits as a dietary supplement.


Fifth: dinner meal

Pasta dish with minced meat and its components are: (30 grams of minced meat + cup boiled Pasta + tomato sauce) + cup low-fat milk.

Child Obesity is a ticking bomb, which no one wants to wait for it until it explodes. It causes severe damages that appear starting from the age of adolescence onwards. The diet I presented to use has proven to be effective with a lot of children. It contains meat, fruits, juice, and many other food items, therefore it does not make the child does not feel hungry, or hinder his movement or his academic and educational performance.

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