Healthy Snacks To Lose Weight Fast

It is characterized by being simple and it is made from natural ingredients. It is made from parts and ingredients that you will find at your home, some regimens goals at burning muscle, but this prescription goal at burning excess fat only. People who did try this prescription said that it has surprising results and you will see it by yourself as fast as possible.

This Recipe works on intensifying the immune system and promotes fat burning by some sort of decreasing the appetite for the body.


 (The Recipe way)

Bring one cup of boiled water and add two slice of lemon to it with its peel, add one spoon of grounded cumin and mix them well. Add one spoon quarter of Cinnamon and Ginger and mix again well, you can add some honey to make them better in taste and leave them for 10 minutes and drink this mix just before the meal time by 19 minutes.


By blocking the appetite and reducing the calories, we give you another Recipe. If you practice sport with this recipe you will get fast effect and will have tight abdominal muscle.


The recipe is:

Bring one spoon of honey with mint then add one pear and one rod of celery and mix them well in one cup of water and drink this before meal time by 59 minutes.



Remember That:

  1. Feel that you will get better and ignore negative ideas and speech.
  2. Did you know that one Gram of carbohydrates equals 4 calories?
  3. Try to know the exact calories for every food and eat and which one is high.
  4. Regulate your feeding and do not forget that you can reach the best weight with well and insistence combined with healthy feeding and sports practicing.

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