How to lose weight by swimming


Swimming is usually associated with summer, but others swim as a hobby throughout the year, this is because swimming has a lot of specialties that makes it one of the sports that should be performed throughout the year when suitable facilities are available. Swimming is also an effective way to lose weight, and is a healthy sport that keeps the body fit.


Losing weight by swimming

there is some tips when you decide to use swimming exercise to lose weight


1- Swimming regularly

This is how our body loses weight: The body uses out glycogen which is stored in the muscles, then it consumes the reserved fat in your body, when this happens, the body burns fat, and to increase efficacy of this procedure, you should focus on the strength and intensity of your swimming, and this is the most efficient way to burn fat, which means that your heart rate will range from 60-70%  from the utmost rate of your heartbeat, and burning fat is optimum at this rate.


2- Time

Don’t think according to what you read previously that swimming whole day will help you burn more and more fat, since you might fatigue your body in a dangerous way, which might lead to losing consciousness in the pool, and this might be fatal. The procedure of burning fat in your body starts after 30 minutes of your exercise and decreases after an hour, and since when your body realizes that it’s reserve of fat is depleted, it will start eating your muscles. Specify the time limit of swimming for every session for burning fat, make it 45 minutes as a maximum limit.


3- Temperature

Did you know that Mount Everest climbers eat plenty of butter? This is because the temperature is very low at the peak of high mountains which makes your body reserve more calories¬† to sustain your physiological activities. It’s true that swimming in a warm swimming pool provides more comfort, but cold water contributes in raising the amount of calories used by your body while swimming, and let’s go back to our basic rule, the more calories you burn the more weight you lose.


4- After exercise

A recent research found out that people who swim in cold water consume high calorie food after being done with swimming, and it’s a habit that every swimmer should quit immediately. If you aim to lose weight you should consume healthy foods after swimming.

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