What are the Secret of An Ideal Weight for Women

ideal weight

If you are happy with you weight, you might get worried about how to keep it and not get extra weight again, so How can you manage your weight successfully?

Keeping your weight at ideal weight for women level is more difficult than weight-loss process, because it requires to watch it for the rest of your life. One of the biggest mistakes that someone who win the battle against weight is the feeling of deprivation, so they begin to eat out of control and they gain weight again.


What is the secret to keep my ideal weight

  • Count new calories that match your new exercising activity to keep your weight stable not to reduce it.
  • It’s very important to plan your meals for the whole day, and know what you will eat to avoid the increase / decrease of calories, so your diet won’t spoil.
  • Do not stop exercising, that will keep your weight stable and helps you burn extra calories you gain.
    Eat what you want, but let some calories for low-fat milks, meat, fruits, and fresh legumes, to enjoy your weight stability.
  • Balance your meals, don’t eat tow meals with high calories during the same day, and have the most calories in mornings more than evenings, because the burning process of calories decreases in evening.
  • Watch your weight every week, so you won’t loose control and find it difficult to get your preferred weight back.
  • Always read informations and instruction written in nutritional products, and check how many calories they have.
  • After you get the weight you want, increase the amount of calories if your weight keeps decreasing, if it is stable, don’t add nothing.
  • Having breakfast is very important to preserve your weight, because it keeps the burning rate and make you burn more calories in the evenings.
  • Remember that your return to the bad habits that made you overweight, will get you back the extra weight you tried hard to loose, keep away from these habits and follow a healthy diet and continue for the rest of your life.

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  1. Is this an acceptable diet for quick weight loss?
    I want to lose about 20 pounds before summer break.
    I have no problem exercising (i just have to stick with it), my issue is food.
    So my plan a temporary diet plan is:

    2 slim fast shakes (breakfast and lunch), and a southbeach diet tv dinner thing (dinner)

    of course after I lose weight, i will just maintain it but come off of this temporary diet.

  2. Slim fast weight loss question?
    I need to lose 19 pounds. I do not need lectured about how slim fast is bad for you. How can I lose this weight fast. It is very important to me. With it being so cold I can not walk much. Please people who did slimfast what did you do and how much did you lose?

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