Important information about Food Pyramid

The old food pyramid which is adapted from the Swedish food pyramid is acknowledged by the majority of people and nutritionists. this food pyramid tell us that we should use most of our daily calories from carbohydrates, these carbohydrates sources are bread, pasta and processed sugar which they are products that we do not need for our bodies in large quantities.

Experts say that eating large amounts of these manufactured carbohydrates without performing exercises continuously will make our bodies store these carbohydrates as fat which is difficult to get rid of them later. Moreover, this pyramid tell us to eat equal amounts of fruits and vegetables, while the right is that we should eat vegetables in larger quantities of fruit because they contain minerals and vitamins more than in the fruit and the other reason that fruits contain simple sugars which raise insulin level in our body.

In addition, this pyramid claims that eating fat is not healthy, while, in fact, our bodies need the some fat to keep the body and mind health. The last thing, the protein requirement for our body in this pyramid is very few compared with the actual requirement for athletes and people who make a daily workout.


The New food pyramid

The new food pyramid is designed in a way to facilitate everyone to understand and follow it easily and to understand the healthy lifestyle. Following the new food pyramid will ease your process to lose weight in better time. If you follow the old food pyramid it will hinder your ambition to achieve your goal of weight loss, while the new food pyramid makes it easy to achieve your goal.

Eating 8 to 10 portion of vegetables daily will not only supplies your body with vitamins, it is also having disease-fighting properties.

Meat, chicken and eggs 3-5 portion daily; meat, chicken and eggs contain natural protein for building person’s muscle and burn fat. Also help your feelings of satiety for a long time, which reduces your craving for snacks.

Fruits 2 to 3 portion daily; the fruits provide you important nutrition for your body activities and will let you enjoy good health. But only be aware of fruits that contain high sugars.

Fat 2 to 3 portions daily; Essential fats are important because our body cannot produce them. Your diet must contain these essential fats to ensure your physical and mental health. Olive oil, nuts and avocados should be part of your diet to get these fats.

Dairy 1 to 2 portions daily; some of the dairy are a good source of protein but contain solid fats, so be careful about it.

Manufactured carbohydrates 1 to 2 portions daily; Athletes need manufactured carbohydrates in some cases, but vegetables should be the main source of energy. Eat manufactured carbohydrates with cautiously, and depend more in eating oats and brown rice as they are the best sources of this type of carbohydrates.

The new food pyramid is not only helping you to decrease your weight but also the new food pyramid will help you to get all the essential vitamins and minerals, which are needed to ensure better health.

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