Important suggestions to get rid of belly fat

Belly fat, In your journey to get rid of belly and waist fat, you should use healthy foods that are free from fat, perform running, cycling, and exercises in general. All these will help you achieve your goal, which is getting rid of the belly fat that annoys you and getting a healthy body. After you use all these methods, if you still cannot get rid of belly fat, these are some ways that can help speed up the process of losing belly fat.


Getting rid of fat by running

1-Your speed

Many studies have showed the importance of changing speed while running, changing of your running speed will contribute in burning more fat and increase your metabolism, that’s why you should try running in different speed patterns while running, for example, let’s say you started to run in a moderate speed for 10 minutes, try running faster for a little bit then run slower afterwards and so on.


2-Run for a longer time

The process of getting rid of belly fat or losing weight in general needs hard work, you should forget the idea that says “doing belly exercises is enough to lose belly fat” in fact, this exercise is important and good to strengthen your tummy muscles, but it will not be enough to help you get rid of accumulated belly and waist fat, so it is necessary that you decrease your fat levels, and the only way is to burn calories by increasing the duration of your exercise, you can for example start running 5 minutes in the speed of 1.6 km per 10 minutes which burns 45 calories, and based on that try encouraging yourself to increase the duration of your running.


3-Lift your knees while running

You must have seen the Olympics or running marathons that showed the Jamaican Usain Bolt, and you might have noticed how they run, you would find them lifting their knees up while running. Try while running to lift your knees up for a small duration of time – one or two minutes-and try focusing on using your tummy muscles instead of your leg muscles while lifting your knees as much as you can while running. The contestants lift their knees up to increase their speed while running, you can use that technique to burn your belly fat.

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