How to Lose 5 kgs of Weight with Diet in one Month

lose weight diet

Dieting could be a good solution to lose weight, but people tend to mix up dieting with starving, dieting refers to perfect replacements and alternatives of your current regular and tasty diet.


One has to find a proper way to lose weight and this could be done following a proper diet, now if you want to lose weight about 5kgs of weight without much of physical activities then you should do it in a right way and with proper balance of nutrients and other requirements of body.


The first step of reducing your weight is knowing what is your exact weight and how much should be reduced according to the” Body Mass weight” ( BMS) and then analyzing from where does one gains weight more and then find a replacement of those food stuffs.


Everyone has to eat about 3 meals of their day which are

  •     The breakfast
  •     The lunch
  •     The dinner


1- Never skip any meal that may be unhealthy and might even end up adding weight to your body, so instead of losing weight there are chances that you gain them either by skipping meals. As it reduces the metabolism rate and then the body is unable to use the calories as fuel for the body and instead it gets accumulated and turns out to be fats for the body.

2- Replace – one has to try to replace their fatty food and junk food with fibers and nutrients and add more of proteins to their diet, this will help the person to have a balanced diet and stay healthy as well as lose weight.


Add the following things in your breakfast diet

1- Green Tea– a herbal way to cut down your fat and to boost your metabolism, which is also beneficial for high blood pressure and blood sugar levels as it contains a lot of anti oxidants so they work in your favor.

2- Apple cider vinegar – according to a study people who consume apple cider vinegar on a daily basis has lost about 2 kilograms of weight in just 15 days and so within a month or so you can reduce about 5kgs of a weight. Apple cider vinegar has to be consumed with a glass of warm water as then it becomes even more effective.

3- Whole wheat grain – one must avoid white wheat flour bread and instead go brown, by having  brown bread which is easy to digest and is more filling so you do not feel hungry until a long duration after having it.

4- Eggs – eggs are very beneficial for a person who wants to lose weight as it contains a lot of proteins and lesser calories, it keeps your day good and you do not feel hungry for a longer time after having two eggs for breakfast, chances are you may even end up eating lesser for your breakfast.


So these are the things one must have in their breakfast, rich breakfast is a must but it should be rich in terms of nutrients and proteins instead.


The lunch, things to be eaten

1- Add a lot of veggies – one must go vegetarian and add a lot of green veggies to their lunch as it is good for their body to digest, veggies like broccoli and spinach contains nutrients and proteins which are filling and easy to digest and because of them you may tend to eat lesser comparatively. They contain a lot of fibers and are also low in calories.

2- Switch to brown rice – if you feel your day is incomplete without rice then do not worry you need not skip it while you are on diet, you can just simply do it if you have brown rice instead of the white rice, it is easy to digest and makes you full faster, it does not contains the high level of cholesterol and starch unlike the white rice, so it will be a good alternative while you are on a diet.

3- Walk – Do not sit immediately after you are done with the lunch, walking is very important for one, try walking for about 15 to 20 minutes post lunch.

4- Pulses – add pulses to your lunch as they are high in proteins and even boost your metabolism rate so this will help you to reduce weight faster.


The dinner, things to be eaten

1- Soups –  soups are light for body and easy to digest and one must always consume a very light dinner if they want to reduce weight, if you want you can add a lot of veggies to your dinner as they are also good for digestion and fill your stomach with it.

2- Salad – salads are easy to digest and contain a lot of fibers and are good for digestions so one should definitely make attempts to replace their heavy dinners with salads instead, you can have a lot of salad and there is no such limit of quantity here.


One must follow these diets and make sure they do not stress their body often as this affects your body and will be harmful too plus you can also indulge into many other activities like running and yoga, morning and evening walks are the best if you want to reduce weight.


People who want to reduce about 5kg of their weight has to consistently follow this diet without having cheat days and see effects in them within a month, this a natural and a healthy way to reduce weight and will cause no trouble or harm to your body, keep in mind excessive of anything will cause trouble so have a balance of all and just follow the chart and try replacing things with alternatives instead of skipping meals.

Reducing weight is easy if you do not over do things and stress about them, be consistent and regular as well being positive helps a lot and keep checking your weight to see changes in you as this works like a motivation.

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