Are you Conscious about your Figure?

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Quick Tips to Keep you Fit and Fabulous

Are you conscious about maintaining a svelte figure?  Here are some quick tips to keep you in focus of your goal to keep your body fit and fabulous.


1- Be calorie conscious

Never tire or give up counting your caloric intake.  It is of prime importance that you plan your meals in advance so that it would be easier to keep track of the amount of calories that you take with each meal.  The present state of your body and the daily activities you engage in will determine how much calories you should consume daily.  Your caloric consumption should not be lower because that would lead to the slowing down of the metabolic processes of your body, nor should it be higher than what is required because that can lead you to the storage of excess calories in your body and eventually lead to an increase your weight.


2-  Get enough sleep and sleep well

Studies have shown that people who get to sleep less than 7 hours per day have a higher chance of becoming overweight.  It is best that you get at least 7-8 hours of quality uninterrupted sleep per day so that your body’s metabolism will not be disturbed because of disrupted biorhythm patterns.

sleep and weight loss
Get enough sleep


3- Gorge up on fibers

The best sources of fibers are apples and grapefruits.  Your nursery school teacher was not amiss when she told you that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Fiber is very important in your diet.  It is an essential component of your diet which helps a lot in digestion and elimination of waste products of digestion. Fibers are also very important in speeding up the fat-burning process of your body.  When fiber is a normal part of your diet, it makes you feel fuller longer so you wouldn’t always crave for food even in times when you are not yet supposed to eat.

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