Why Skin Gets Loose After Weight Loss

weight loss

Since it has to stretch with the growth of our bodies, and shrink in the case of weight loss, skin is an incredibly elastic living organ. It’s not just one that covers the whole body, it’s also like many other organs comprised of cells.

Different layers of your skin have different types of cells, although cells in the outer skin (the epidermis) are constantly being lost and replaced with new ones, cells under the epidermis are often more permanent. These layers of the skin are made up of elastic connective tissues, fibers, blood vessels and many other components that can stretch or contract depending on how they are treated.


These are some tips to follow to avoid getting a flabby skin


1 – feed and train your body the smart and healthy way

You need to stick with your diet and practice useful exercises to help your body stretch your skin, tough diet and over-exercising can negatively affect your muscles and fat, which will cause your muscles to loose its structure and loose fat that help your skin to stretch, and the great advice is to make 1-2 pound as your goal every week, and make sure that your training program include weight lifting exercises to avoid loosing muscles volume.
and put in consideration that loosing weight, aging, malnutrition, drought, overexposure to the sun, and smoking can affect your skin elasticity.


2 – Drink more water

Water is a vital element to preserve your skin elasticity, your should drink 2 liters at least of water every day.


3 – Eat properly

There are tow vital elements to keep your skin elasticity (Collagen and Elastin), and protein-rich foods such as cheese, milk, legumes, cereals, seeds, nuts and fish.
All these foods contain collagen and elastin, also oils help keeping your skin health.
Tip: eat 100-200 calories of protein-rich foods after exercising.


4 – Take care of your skin health

Feeding and peeling your skin daily, can help remove dead cells and stimulate blood circulation of your skin.
A hot shower and salty seawater and minerals can improve your skin color, also stretching creams, herbal products, Hyaluronic acid, Yeast extract, Soy protein, Vitamin E + C + A can refresh and increase collagen and elastin in your skin.

Don’t use harmful cleaners like sulfates in soap, shampoo and washing detergents, and don’t over-exposure yourself to the sun, and keep away from chlorinated water, all these things affect your skin elasticity negatively.


Tip: If you practice swimming, use a shampoo and soap made to remove chlorine.

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