Small meals and its relation to weight lowering

There are some people who suffering from excess fat and think that increased eating is the way for getting fatty. Because of that they neglect the main meals in the day and go for eating one meal in the middle of the day thinking that they will lead to lowering the calories and lose weight fast.

Researchers did find that those people who eat in the second half of the day go for eating one big meal full of fat and calories in large amount and consequence to that the body ability to get rid of calories goes down because of slower fat burning during sleep . For your own knowledge, the body loses fourteen calories every hour during sleep.


So scientists says :

That you can eat more than one small meal during the day  with long time between them which make it better for the body to burn fat and accomplish the metabolism in good way and works on :

  1. Giving the body the power and activity which needed all the day and prevent the feeling of hungry and being lazy.
  2. Decrease the feeling of low power at the afternoon time and the subsequent sleepy feeling.
  3. Partitioning the meals into parts along the days increase the metabolism during the all day and stays high for long time and studies refer to that eating small quantities during the daytime make the body repeat vital processes like digesting  and metabolism and subsequently consume more excess power and calories .
  4. One of the big benefits of eating small meals with time spaces is that killing the feel of being hungry which was leading to eating big amounts of food.
  5. Eating small meals at late time at night prevent you from eating fast meals which is the biggest source of excess calories that you do not expect.
  6. Eating small meals gives you feeling of being satisfied and prevents your appetite in eating large amount of food.

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