Smoothies: Diet Friend or Foe?


Smoothies have become very popular and many dieters look to them to help in their weight loss efforts. However, you cannot add just any smoothie to your diet plan and expect to lose weight. You have to know exactly what is in your smoothie and count the calories and fat if you are looking to drop weight. In reality, most smoothies can be considered a meal replacement because their calorie count is so high, but most people instead use them as a snack or in addition to a meal.


Foe Smoothies

Smoothies that are premade at fast food restaurants and are loaded with sugars are definitely foe smoothies. In fact, many fast food restaurants offer a drink that they label a smoothie, but it often resembles a flavored ice drink or even a milk shake.

Smoothies that are made with full fat milk or yogurt, have any added sugar or artificial flavorings are also bad choices for your healthy eating plan. Many smoothie shops offer “healthy” drinks that are often loaded with extras you don’t need. Be sure you know exactly what is in your drink before you consume it.


Friendly Smoothies

Smoothies that you have control over are the most diet friendly ones for you. When you make a smoothie or have one made for you at a smoothie counter, be sure to choose ingredients that fit well with your eating plan. The base of the smoothie should be fat free milk, soy milk, almond milk, fat free yogurt or water. Additions should be whole food. When possible they should include a variety of different colored fruits and vegetables, as well as fiber sources like flax seed or wheat germ.

Smoothies made at home or at a design your own smoothie place are the best choices possible.

It is important to know the contents and the calories of a smoothie. One drink can undo all your efforts for a day. It is easy to drink those extra calories and still feel like you are hungry and sit down to a meal. Don’t let your thirst for smoothies ruin all your weight loss efforts.

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