Tips for weight loss sports and foods

weight loss foods

Sports today are very important to us, especially with the increase of the deadly bad feeding habits that we acquired from parents and society.

Overweight people suffer from finding fitting clothes, moving and people’s looks. So the first step to take is to practice sport, It doesn’t mean you have to be a professional but just to keep your self away from many diseases.

First disease came after obesity is diabetes, because fats fight insulin that reduces and increases diabetes into healthy levels.


Nutritional Tips

  1. Be attention with your meals when you are having a diet, don’t let yourself feels hungry, so you won’t regret when you see foods.
  2. Keep away from feasts.
  3. Have fresh low-fat milk, it reduces your feeling of hunger, and keeps you away from Calcium deficiency caused by sodas.
  4. Drinking Milk regularly reduces the amount of pain you could get when you are exercising.
  5. Your Diet need patience so you could see and touch the results.
  6. Anytime you feel hungry have some fruits, salads or hot drinks and biscuits.
  7. If you are addicted to Arab coffee, make dried dates as your sugar.
  8. There is no problem to go sometime outside and eat in the holidays or with friends, but make it healthy.
  9. Make you diet as a correction for your habits.


Tips for practicing sports

  1. Gradate when exercising like from walking 10 min a day to 15 next day, so your body get used to it, don’t let your enthusiasm take over because it will give depression and negative results.
  2. Practice sports such as walking, jogging, swimming and play football or volleyball.
  3. It’s better to do some body-building after a while of practicing other sports, because of the amount of fat you have.
  4. Eat fruit and drink water 15 min before exercising.
  5.  Change where you practice to not feel bored.
  6.  Practice 4-5 days a week, and let you body relax.

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