Very good vegetables and successful weight loss

successful weight loss

Eating very good vegetables is a sure way to successful weight loss. They are low in fat and calories, but high in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. However, for optimum weight loss, it is important to know which vegetables are the best to eat when you are counting calories.


High Calorie Vegetables

There are certain vegetables which are higher in calories than others. When pursuing a weight loss goal you should know which vegetables are high in calories and determine if they are the best choice for that particular meal or day.

For example, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, yams and corn are all high in calories:

  • One medium size sweet potato has 103 calories
  • One yam has 158 calories
  • One medium white potato has 161 calories
  • One cup of corn has 132 calories


Low Calorie Vegetables

Eating low calorie vegetables is an excellent weight loss tip. For example, try a cup of romaine which has only 9 calories. A cup of spinach or a cup of mushrooms has only 40 calories.

You might want to eat the following vegetables which have only 20 calories in a cup: radishes, half of a cucumber, or celery. A medium tomato contains only 25 calories, and one cup of cabbage has only 32 calories. Chomp on a large carrot for only 30 calories.


Best Way to Cook Vegetables

There are many ways to cook vegetables for optimum weight loss. You can steam, roast, stir fry, grill, or panning the vegetables. Steaming does not take long and the nutrients do not get removed from the vegetables during the cooking process. Roasting also is fast and the nutrients remain in the vegetables. Simply season the vegetables with garlic or onion powder and olive oil and bake.

Stir frying preserves the nutrients similar to steaming and roasting. It is also quick and can be done with only water or low sodium chicken broth.

Grilling is another simple way to prepare vegetables. Wrap them in tin foil and season with olive oil and your favorite seasonings. Grilling vegetables provides an alternative to methods that sometimes get boring.

Panning, or pan frying, can be done by placing the vegetables in a frying pan with olive oil and your favorite seasonings. It is easy, and provides an optimum way to cook vegetables when pursuing your weight loss goal.

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