Preparation Halts Temptation in its Tracks

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A common struggle on many weight loss journeys is learning to deal with special events. These times when food preparation is out of your control can bode poorly for your results on the scale. However, if you take the time to do a little preparation leading up to the event, you will find that you can successfully halt temptation in its tracks.


Saving Up Calories

If you know that there is an event that is upcoming that will be very tempting for you or will offer few healthy choices, it makes sense to save up your calories. This may mean being extra strict with your diet leading up to the event, not depriving yourself, but also not allowing for any extra indulgences in light of the one that is coming.

You may also want to eat lightly on the day of the event, concentrating on volume foods that are low calorie. This way you do not face your big event super hungry, but knowing that you have room to overindulge a little.


Mental Preparations

Consider the event and how you typically have eaten at such occasions in the past. If you will be faced with a buffet or finger foods, make a mental plan for success. You may want to decide that you must eat twice as many raw vegetables than other types of foods. You may want to limit yourself to eating a certain amount of healthier foods that you don’t enjoy prior to allowing yourself the right to indulge in high-calorie favorites.

Do some self talk about limiting portions

It is much harder to limit portions when facing unlimited choices or when distracted by excitement. Mentally practice saying no and putting down your plate. Devise strategies that will keep you away from the food area.


Practical Preparations

Some of the common challenges we face are celebrations that are hosted by family or friends. Offer to bring something, or even several things, as a contribution to the event. By doing so, you can bring dishes which are healthier and fit in your eating plan better.

Take the time to do careful preparations before attending special events in your life. You will be better equipped to minimize the damage done to your weight loss efforts, so you can continue to steadily drop those extra pounds.

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